Best Dentist & Dental Surgeon: Dental Implants in India

Dental Implants - the restorative teeth, truly the best dental treatment for missing tooth! Some other traditional dental treatments like dentures (a set of artificial teeth to go into your gums over multiple missing teeth) and bridges (that use adjoining teeth as anchors) are also available; going for one or two missing teeth.

Three out of every four adults are said to lose at least one of their permanent tooth prior to reaching 35 years of age. There are many reasons responsible for it; including tooth decay, traumatic oral injuries or gum diseases. Now, by the time someone reaching to age of 75, there are the higher chances in one in very four to lose the god-gifted teeth; truly an unwanted fact!

But, no distress anymore! Dental Implant is like a permanent dental solution to one with missing teeth. They are fitted directly into a jawbone, adapting very well to it without damaging adjoining teeth structure. Nearer teeth getting along with the dental implants do also get better support; eliminating risks of any harms that might have been prompted due to an empty space formed within. The implants made of titanium will greatly fuse with jawbone within few months; neglecting unpleasant chances of your false teeth erecting out or making unusual noises. With implants getting inserted, the jawbone that once was empty with will have no more chances of wearing away.

Dental implants are made up of the following parts:

  1. Titanium Screw: A metal part that would actually fuse with jawbone
  2. Abutment: Placed over the titanium screw to hold the crowns
  3. Crown: An actual "tooth" holding an abutment; alike your natural teeth.

Considering an old time back in 1990s, the people with missing teeth had the dental treatments like fixed bridges and removable dentures - somewhat not much comfortable and less effective in purpose; had no choice otherwise.

But with an advent of dental implants - everything just changed. People have now more permanent dental solution with enhanced teeth look and functions and greatness with eating, talking and smiling. No worry from dental bridges, the time when actually one had to compromise with health of adjacent teeth while having the missing tooth fixed in place; along with risks of tooth decay as well. Removable dentures with difficulty eating and speaking and uneasiness in placing it and with its slipping nature is not something acceptable. Timely replacement and their need of wanting them always handy when required was a headache, depending on quality. Very opposite to it, the dental implants are fixed and long lasting handled with nominal care.

Dental implants would require an individual to decide their right candidacy with dentist's advice. It is not ideal for children who are mainly growing in size and shape of jawbone until adulthood. Dental implant is a perfect solution for adult varying in number of teeth missing and requiring restoration. Even people with diabetes or high blood pressure can go with dental implants. Dental implant has even been a successful role in people with dental problems like dental decay, gum disease etc. and smokers as well.

Delightfully, Dr. Bhalla performed his very first dental implant 15 years ago and yet is successfully serving the respective clients around the globe - with a success rate of dental implants closely 99%. Needless to say, how importantly the dental tourism has now been accepted worldwide; patients coming from every corner of the world are at huge access to dental treatments in India. Amongst all, Dr. Bhalla has also been the most reliable and reasonable option for almost all sorts of dental treatments. Domestic people are also in big flow seeking dental treatments from Dr. Bhalla.

Break all your odd looks and discomfort that you had with old dentures or any other traditional dental procedures - Avail of dental implants and be the happiest with ever dynamic smile, usual oral functions and energized self-esteem!


Dr. Manjit Singh Bhalla  Dental Surgeon

Dr. Manjit Singh Bhalla is practicing as a Dental Surgeon since 1983. He has a super-specialty dental clinic with the latest instruments, which is one of the best in India. He is also a Panel Dental Surgeon at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) and ONGC Ahmedabad.



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