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best-dental-hospitalDo you know that your dental problems can likely to have chronic condition to your overall health? Are you getting the dental treatment with the best dental practice and latest instruments? Get a consultation Call with more information about your dental query.

People Found With Gum Diseases 40% Far More Than Having Chronic Conditions

Your overall health, strongly correlated with dental risks!

dental_risks_on_human_bodyMouth with oral irregularities is a common way to spread many of physical issues. Our body and mouth can affect one another vice versa. A long, disease-free life is truly attributed to maintaining a better oral care. Our oral health may affect to or may get impacted by different diseases and abnormalities that include.

Endocarditis Abnormal heart condition with infection spread over inner linings of your heart (endocardium). Such condition may usually be activated when there are some organisms like bacteria spread from one body part to another. Mouth is a prime source of bacteria allowing them to travel through bloodstream and worsen infected areas of heart.

Cardiovascular disease Like heart disease, clogged arteries and stroke associated with inflammation and infections triggered by oral bacteria.

Pregnancy and birth Periodontitis associated with premature birth and low birth weight.

Diabetes reducing body immunity power, strengths to fight infection with much likelihood of gum risks. Gum diseases are often much evident in people with diabetes. Research shows the people with gum diseases having much trouble in controlling blood sugar levels.

Oral problems such as painful mucosal lesions are typically much present in people with HIV/AIDS.

Osteoporosis Bone weakness and brittleness said to be associated with periodontal bone loss and tooth loss.

Alzheimer’s disease Loss of teeth usually prior to 35 of age, a key factor for Alzheimer’s disease.

There are several other conditions that seem to be strongly linked to oral health such as Sjogren’s syndrome, an immune system disorder leading to dry mouth eating disorders.

How can I protect my oral health?

  • Teeth Brushing at least twice a day
  • Regular flossing
  • Healthy food and timely regulated meal/snacks
  • Replacing toothbrush after at least three to four months
  • Smoking cessation. Smoke badly damage oral health. Have regular dental checkups if smoking regularly
  • Pregnant women suggested to eat healthy and stay orally fit
  • Maintaining oral care of your children with guided teeth cleaning techniques
  • Regular oral checkups
  • Immediate dental consultation on experiencing any of dental issues to avoid further worsening


Dental Implants – the restorative teeth, truly the best dental treatment for missing tooth! Some other traditional dental treatments like dentures (a set of artificial teeth to go into your gums over multiple missing teeth) and bridges (that use adjoining teeth as anchors) are also available; going for one or two missing teeth.

Dental Implant Titanium Screw
Dental Implant Crown
Dental Implant Abutment

Dental Implant is like a permanent dental solution to one with missing teeth. They are fitted directly into a jawbone, adapting very well to it without damaging adjoining teeth structure. Nearer teeth getting along with the dental implants do also get better support; eliminating risks of any harms that might have been prompted due to an empty space formed within. The implants made of titanium will greatly fuse with jawbone within few months; neglecting unpleasant chances of your false teeth erecting out or making unusual noises. With implants getting inserted, the jawbone that once was empty with will have no more chances of wearing away.


Best-DentistDr. Manjit Singh Bhalla is practicing as a Dental Surgeon since 1983. He has a super-specialty dental clinic with the latest instruments, which is one of the best in India. He is also a Panel Dental Surgeon at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) and ONGC Ahmedabad.

In the clinic ultimate care is taken to assure proper sterilization. The equipments are ultra modern and of international standards.

For the fine and abiding enterprise that he has shown in being able to set up an ultra-modern dental clinic where all the facilities are available for catering to each smile or a better denture, besides providing all the crucial and other services…

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Dental Tourism India Benefits

Gandhi-statue-Ahmedabad-IndiaGet best dental services with International standards and latest equipment locally in Ahmedabad, India at Dr Bhall’s dental clinic. A cost effective preferred dental tourism destination for NRIs, NRGs, native Americans, British, Canadian, Australian and European nationals. Ahmedabad is also known for its entrepreneurship and hospitality. Ahmedabad has one of the largest hospitals in Asia. A home of Mahatma Gadhiji has now emerged as preferred destination for medical tourism.

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