How to Get Whiter Teeth

As a practicing dentist, one of the most common questions that patients, or even friends and family ask me, is should I undergo teeth whitening? Will my teeth lose their thickness? Can I use a tooth whitening paste? There are as many answers as there can be smiles. Each person has a different set of teeth, and eating and drinking habits.Some people are blessed with white teeth that naturally repel tartar and plaque. They can get sparkling teeth just by using whitening toothpaste once in a while. For some people, bleaching works wonders; for others, it causes sensitive teeth. As with most questions related to cosmetic dentistry, a definite answer that applies to you personally can be given only when you walk into a dental clinic. Feel free to visit me for a consultation.

Your contribution towards the health of your own teeth is as important as the dentist’s. Avoid excess coffee and “chai.” Run from tobacco. Do you absolutely need coffee/tea? Try using a straw, which decreases contact of the fluid with your front teeth. Wash your mouth or gargle immediately after eating or drinking something that causes tooth stains.

Never forget that healthy eating and regular brushing and flossing practices everyday are the best way to have white teeth and a beautiful smile. Healthy teeth are as important, if not more, as white teeth. It is easy to ignore your teeth as long as they are not paining. Regularly visit your dentist for a dental checkup.