What is Tooth Sensitivity, How to Handle it?

What is tooth sensitivity?

Ooh! It is my tooth, aches every time when exposed to drinking or eating something hot, cold, sweet or sour food, or even when I breathe cold air. It may be pin pricking pain either acute or chronic. The chances are more that you get your underlying layer of teeth infected & inflated consequent to an exposed upper layer of the tooth and thereby thinning gum tissues; and unfortunately these symptoms signs none other than, but a very commonly found tooth problem – Tooth Sensitivity.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

The pulp, the center part of the tooth made of connective tissues, nerves & cells, is exposed as a result of the upper part called the dentin and the uppermost part called tooth crown being decayed; infecting each other first and then the pulp, spreading infection, soreness and swelling around. At the same time, it stimulates the nerves throughout the whole teeth structure causing sensation to hot & cold objects.

What are the reasons for tooth sensitivity?

  • Hard teeth brushing practice, being the most common cause, thins enamels over the teeth. Which in turn, going deep into all the layers, causes damage to each layer.
  • Traumatic teeth, being damaged and thereby decayed, break the uppermost layers of teeth and reaches to pulp with pain & toxicity.
  • Periodontal disease develops gum diseases and as a result, the infested gums furthermore harm the inner structure of teeth including root & pulp all.
  • Broken teeth, being sheltered with bacteria, contaminate adjacent areas outspreading to the pulp.
  • Plaque around the tooth area very soon may become the reason of impure undermost part of it.
  • Aging may have some regular wearing off effects on teeth and may leave your teeth ill & septic.

What can we do to prevent tooth sensitivity?

  • Oral Hygiene & Regular Care: Preventive oral steps such as proper teeth cleaning, soft brushing & regular flossing can definitely be the savior of your teeth.
  • Avoid Cold Beverages & Excess Sourness: Cold, fizzy beverages & acidic eating vanishes teeth enamels. Hence, hold off them.
  • Fluoridated Toothpaste & Water Intake: Prevents tooth caries strengthening the tooth enamels.
  • Regular Dental Check-Up: Frequent visits to your dentists for regular teeth cleaning, checks for any oral abnormalities and further oral diseases like gingivitis, tooth decay & many more, is ideal at least to prevent your dental problems to its farthest & stop dental casualty onwards.
  • Endodontic Treatment: An excruciating state of tooth sensitivity at its later stage may click the need of an endodontic surgery known as, Root Canal Treatment, where in central hollow part of the teeth, the infected pulp is removed with thorough irrigation of that part & stuffed with a filling such as gutta-percha instead.

However, tooth sensitivity may come up with dental cures & ultimate oral solutions, such precautionary steps are very necessary for the optimal oral health & thereby the healthy teeth!