Tooth Decay – The Most Commonly Faced Childhood Oral Disease

Dental Caries, often referred to as tooth decay, is a declined area of the tooth; in which the outer layer (enamel) of the tooth is damaged causing a cavity in teeth. Tooth decay is a subsequent result of the deposited plaque on the teeth area; often produced by bacterial invasion due to more sticky, sugary & starchy food consumption, especially in children. It is the most common childhood disease – It is expected that in USA, majority of children have their first tooth cavity by the age of four or five. Children, Elderly and people with less fluoridated water are supply are more susceptible to have this oral problem quickly.

Problems Caused Due to Tooth Decay

If left untreated on time, tooth decay can further spread through the middle surface (dentin) to the innermost layer (pulp); often causing the root canal infection associated with much more sensitivity to cold or hot food items, infection & inflammation of the surrounding oral area and more probably exposed tooth & tooth loss.


Fluoride treatments can slightly reverse the tooth decay; Root Canal Treatment & other Oral Restoration Procedures can repair the cavity and avoid any further deterioration of the decayed tooth.

If you are suffering from any oral disease than make a dental appointment right way and get diagnosed yourself with expert.