A Smile: Pretty Balanced with “No More Sugar”

“Hey, it’s amazing! How do you manage to have such a beautiful smile”- many a times, you may be clicked with such amazes! It may perhaps not a mysterious trick for you, and it is highly anticipated that you must have a very close eyes on your oral health; isn’t it?

Yes, you heard it true. This is how one would roll over with the most preventive steps that can ever preserve their smiles throughout. More importantly, it is an awareness that one must be grasped with to learn how an oral health can bebetter maintained.


Sugary Intake – Cut it down, Immediately!

Undoubtedly, an excess sugar dumped into our diet can indeed alarm many of bodily threats. Talking non-dentally, sugar is of course a hazard to our health that can lead to several lethal diseases like heart disease, diabetes etc., and every time since you start inhibiting your eating habit with sugary diet or beverages, you simply get more impaired – always shocking.

Our Smile At a Risk

Sugar can distort our oral appearance! Let’s see how sugar can affect our dynamic smile along:


Tooth Decay – The Most Common Dental Problem

Dental decay, often known as dental caries, is mainly caused by the bacteria living in into our mouth. The surplus amount of bacteria can be deadly to oral health. They keep surviving and multiplying in there.

Sugary foods or drinks that we consume leave tiny particles that get stuck onto our teeth and gums. If such organisms are rubbed off with good oral hygiene, it is fine. But in an instance of such debris being stuck there for a long period would definitely trigger bacteria to feed more on it and survive. Teeth enamels get worn and torn. Plaque is formed that damages our teeth to the fullest.

The yellow, stinky, dark marks on our teeth – what is it going to do with our smile?


Save Your SMILE – Through,

Such Preventive Dental Steps:


Part (I)


  1. Regulating sugar intake – Throwing out its excess
  2. Eliminating sugary diet and drinks, especially off our children
  3. Consuming limited sugar probably during meals
  4. Keeping habits of healthy snacks between the meals
  5. Substituting sugar with sugar-free products, but not often
  6. Finding out hidden sugar sources from our diet and avoiding them


Part (2)


A. Oral Hygiene

Mind well, there is no other option but to go for a strict oral care. Appropriate oral hygiene techniques should be followed. Teeth cleaning tricks with proper brushing and flossing methods avoid you from being ripped off many dental problems. Ensure, you follow the right ones for yourself and your children.

B. Regular Dental Checkups

We never know when the kind of dental problems that you may even not feel or see can bother you. During the consultation to your dentist, he or she can well diagnose and treat such issues, if any. One can go safer with their doctors every time screening their teeth for anything unusual. Else, remain worry-free if being said “go home! Nothing to bother.” Good!


C. Teeth Whitening

This method would ensure the brightest and whitest teeth curing the most stained and marked teeth that you had once felt quite horrible. Seek our your dentist’s advice in doing so.

Sugar is habit-forming, indeed. Its dependence is a bit of difficulty to leave. Push yourself a little more – you will definitely reach to “No More Sugar Now” towards a healthier life, over and again!