National Dental Excellence Awards 2014, Privileged To Dr. Bhalla for His Contribution in Dentistry

“National Dental Excellence Awards Delhi 2014”, an honor was conferred to Dr. M S Bhalla by Prime Time Research Media Pvt. Ltd. for his admirable work and reputation in the domain of modern dentistry. His achievements through successful dental treatments and surgeries together with ever reliable dental solutions have always brought him a breakthrough. With all the latest innovations in dentistry, Dr. Bhalla has all the time felt to stay updated and provide his clients with the most sought-after oral care.

Prime Time Research Media Private Limited is a renowned, visionary media service provider that has extensively valued many leading clients with its innovative and efficient work. It organizes “Healthcare Excellence Awards” for experts of various medical sectors for their sociotechnical contribution towards benefiting the people.

Kind of award is privileged to those, who are more determined to services offered by them with an exceptional role among society. The awards are held not only to respect achievers but also to inspire others who would take such an elite success of them into consideration and try to approach very similar.

Dr. Manjit Singh Bhalla is the best dental surgeon (dentist) located in Ahmedabad, India. He has specialized in implantology, the restorative dental treatment with prostheses called dental implants in terms of lost or damaged teeth. He has an extensive clinical experience of as many as 30 years with successful cases of patients being treated with reliable dental solutions. With an increase in popularity of dental tourism in India, many international clients have also pursued much respective dental care from him appropriately.

His dental expertise does also offer services like cosmetic dental treatments, root canal treatment, tooth contouring and shaping, dental bonding, teeth whitening, dental braces, gum surgeries and other periodontal procedures. Dr. Bhalla with his local and global exposure in dentistry has endeavored much to get updated with the trendy, reliable and practical dental flairs to bring one with the most desired aesthetic appearance, standard dental functions and an eye-catching smile.