Learn More about Tooth Cavity with its Precautions & Treatments as Necessitated

A tingling sensation, pain after eating cold, hot or sour food items or beverages, abnormal discharge from place to place surrounding teeth & gums and painfulness around/on teeth on tightening them are definitely the speaking symptoms of Teeth Cavity.

What is Tooth Cavity (Dental Caries)?

The dental cavity is mainly a break or hole on the teeth that is usually produced due to the dental decay caused by the bacterial proliferation and mucus formation over them.

What are the Causes & Consequences of Tooth Cavity?

Tooth cavity is mainly the consequence of dental plaque or tartar deposited on teeth or between the teeth surface, causing the degeneration of tooth and further periodontal problems. In teeth plaque, the bacteria of thousands sorts colonize on teeth, multiplying in numbers being fed on sugar and starch produced by the food & beverages consumed.

1.            Any traumatic injury or mainly the acid left on teeth from diet or bacteria along with congenital diseases may also cause the dental cavity. Saliva mainly assists in avoiding the plaque from sticking on the teeth and help food particles washing away, allowing proper food digestion as well. Dry mouth with less amount of saliva causes the countereffect of it, encouraging plaque to get deposited in greater amount and foodstuffs to stick to teeth and formed on them.

2.            Inherited aspects such as tooth size/shape/position, width of enamels, tooth bite patterns etc. would also largely contribute to dental decay.

3.            Dental Plaque, if remained untreated, will have a huge amount of bacteria more profusely swarming in with a big intake of food (sweet and acidic) and solidifying with thickness in composition. This heavier plaque deposition will then have more acidic effects on tooth, causing demineralization of teeth enamels and leading to a tooth cavity (small teeth pits and fissures around gum line). In brief, there are always bacteria and acid, where there is a dental plaque, destructing the tooth area so far.

Now this small break or cut on teeth will further extend into the inner part of the teeth structure, causing a sure injury to the dentin, the second-most layer after the outermost part of teeth. Any spur caused to the dentinal tubules can additionally lead to an annoyance in the fluid into them, radiating finally to the pulp, an innermost part of the teeth structure, with severe pain, infection and swelling.

What are the Precautions & Treatments for Dental Cavity?

Precautionary Steps in dentistry help a lot. Strict eyes on plaque formation would work greatly. Although it is very difficult to regulate an amount of bacteria invading in mouth, we can simply limit their dwellings on teeth by purely cutting down the frequency of sugary and acidic substances from food items to stop bacteria feeding on them and further proliferating. Regular dental floss, mouthwash and proper brushing techniques (with fluoride toothpaste & soft-bristled toothbrush) can also largely help in diminishing the cause of dental plaque and further changes to leading to dental caries.

Tooth Remineralization is an organic way of restoring or replacing the tooth enamels, reversing the course of tooth decay formed due to demineralization. A controlled level of fluoride through toothpaste or treatments applied onto the teeth can resist the enamel, making it stronger against the damaging effects on teeth surface. It furthers stops bacteria’s ability to produce acid to make a deadly cause onto teeth, slashing the chances of plaque formation then after.

Repairing or Restoration of Dental Cavity again entirely depends upon the extent it is worn off with. If an extent of spread to teeth cavity is little, the tooth filling may be a quick way out, preserving the tooth life largely. With the tooth cavity being extended rather in deeper layers and then to the innermost part of the tooth would more likely require one to undergo the Teeth Crown and Root Canal Treatment respectively. In case of any tooth loss or tooth eruption, the Dental Implants or Teeth Bridges are the final restorative dental treatments ever sought by.

Treatments are carried out both in adult and child, making sure that there are no accidental abscesses formed and no further dental diseases advanced in future.

Most importantly, dental decay is somewhat that is not felt initially and thus if left unattended can drag your oral health to physical agonies as mentioned above. However, being regularly visited by your dentist or periodontist can mainly be helpful to you to at least avoid such dental problem of this sort from increasing and being the main cause of other unwanted dental or bodily diseases or irregularities any further.