Learn What the Dental Emergencies Are!

An avoidance of even a small dental problem may often lead to a dreadful dental emergency. An injured or damaged tooth, tooth decay and toothache can further deteriorate the adjacent teeth area; thereby spreading more periodontal abnormalities. Immediately contact your dentist or periodontist in case you find any worsening of oral health as mentioned below:

  • An injury may result in an avulsion of any pressured teeth; often leading to a loosening of teeth or a fractured tooth;
  • Any advanced infection or inflammation caused to teeth or gum;
  • In the event of any tooth decay further affecting the dentin and root pulp; which may result in an exposed gum and an infected & inflamed pulp;
  • Uncontrollable bleeding after any dental procedure;
  • Uncontrollable tooth pain or swelling in spite of taking the oral medicines and many more….!

More follow-ups are recommended along with the prescribed oral medications as on needed basis!