Just Destain and Reshape Your Teeth – with Dental Veneers

“Hey, you look just great! There is pretty dynamic change in your smile. Last time, when I saw you, you had not this factor….really surprising” Yeah, the other man is very pleased with such praise. And you know why? Because when that guy met him the last time, he had his teeth very dark, stained like when he smiled, he clearly looked horrible…but, all is gone and he has now his teeth quite good looking and all in desired shape and size. How come?

Here Comes A Great Solution – The Dental Veneers
Dental Veneers – truly is the best dental treatment ever inventedin the history of dentistry. Dental veneers is a very successful procedure for people mainly with discolored teeth (teeth with dark spots, stains), chipped/broken teeth and/or the teeth with small gaps in between. They fix tooth’s poor shape, color and texture; well aligning it with other teeth size, matching an overall teeth appearance. No worry, how much dark, stained teeth you have – the dental veneers would just remove it and bring you the most vibrant oral look with an attractive smile, very close to your natural one. This option will even nicely treat your teeth stains that once you might have found difficult to remove with other treatments like teeth whitening or bleaching.

Before applying veneers on our teeth, usually a small amount ofteeth enamels are removed to make sure that there is enough thickness left for veneers to go over the teeth; adapting to size andshape of other teeth and flexibility of normal teeth functions.

What are the veneers made of?
Porcelain Veneers are the best option available at present. Another option is the resin composite materials. Porcelain is mainly awhite-colored, semiopaque, vitrified ceramic material. Veneers made of porcelain are stain-resistant far better than other sorts of veneers. Usually, the type of veneers used today are very thin in size, custom-made and would require “Minimum Prep” or “No Prep”. Meaning, they would likely not require the teeth surface to be removed much and are mainly bonded at the front surface of the teeth; comes with less discomfort and quick results. What are the dental problems fixed by dental veneers?

Veneers are appropriate dental treatment for:
a) Mainly discolored, stained teeth – the stubborn teeth spots; the ones, difficult to go away with routine teeth cleaning or bleaching the teeth
b) Broken/cracked teeth
c) Teeth with gaps (spacing) between each other or minor overlapping or twists
d) Damaged/worn down teeth
e) Teeth with misalignment, unevenness or irregular shapes and sort of other issues

What are the advantages of dental veneers?
a) Most importantly, the natural tooth-like look and functions offered by dental veneers is a real beauty of them.
b) Porcelain veneers mainly resist the stains unlike natural teeth.
c) Porcelain veneers can be adjusted to original color, size, shape and length of the teeth; even treating the darkest teeth ever
d) Veneers would require less prep in forms of shaping and filing the teeth (eliminating needs of heavily cutting the teeth structure) to place the veneers over them; very dissimilar to crown replacement.

What is the procedure of dental veneers?
To apply the veneers on teeth, your dentist will remove as muchas 0.5 mm the layer of teeth enamels off your teeth; making sure there is enough room left for veneers to get over. Usually, the size of veneers would remain similar to an amount of enamels removed. Following would be to make an actual tooth impression or model in order to be sent to laboratory; and therefore making the most suitable veneers for you.

At the time of placing the veneers, your dentist will first clean and polish your teeth – for bonding process. Sort of cement is applied on veneers; following a special light beam to be flashed on cement to make it hardened; and finally well adjusting the Dental veneers on your teeth.

Maintaining your porcelain veneers –
It is as simple as you would care for your original teeth. Routineteeth cleaning with appropriate brushing techniques, flossing and sort of other oral hygiene should regularly be maintained. Regular dentist’s follow-up should also be taken care. Any of your other dental problemsmust be reported immediately to preserve oral health. Veneers usually last for 5 to 10 years; again expecting much longevity the way you would care them.

Consultation to your dentist – knowing your right candidacy about dental veneers Again relying upon an exact problem that you would have with your teeth and kind of results you desire to achieve – will actually convey your dentist to seek the most suitable dental treatments. Else, the Dental Veneers is the most acceptable cosmetic dental treatment for you to get back – the “feel” that you once lost with your natural teeth!