Denture Care

I’ve had some patients come in with broken or cracked dentures. A few others somehow managed to get theirs so stained they didn’t feel like putting them in their mouth. So let’s look at some ideas on how to care for dentures.

Soak your dentures overnight. Dentures need to stay a little moist for them to remain in the correct shape. We dentists specifically instruct denture wearers to keep dentures soaked in solution, mild soap water, or even plain drinking water if the denture solution is not available, overnight. This is the single most ignored advice—who listens to dentists anyway, especially when you don’t have any teeth left? 🙂

Brush them daily. Gently scrub your dentures every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush. You don’t need toothpaste. Denture cleaners or even mild soap water will do fine. But don’t scrub with too much force, because you might end up scratching the surface or bending the metal clasps.

Rinse your mouth too. You should always maintain good oral hygiene to avoid any irritation, soreness or infection—there is an outside chance that dentures cause these. Thoroughly clean or brush your gums, tongue, roof and sides of the mouth, and any teeth you have left. Rinse with a mouthwash or salt water. This will help kill germs and increase the flow of blood to soft tissues in your mouth.

Handle with care. Even a small drop can cause your dentures to crack or break. Be careful when you handle them. Place them on a folded towel on top of a table or flat surface when you’re cleaning them. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or harsh whitening pastes to clean them. If you try to bleach your dentures, you risk whitening the pink part too. Further, if you soak them in water that is too hot, the plastic parts may warp, causing the dentures to change shape.

There is no DIY in Denture. Get your dentures checked by your dentist as frequently as advised. They need to fit comfortably. If your dentures are out of shape, broken or cracked, don’t try to repair them with glue, tape or other materials. Take them to a dentist immediately.

This is not a toy. Don’t let your grandchildren play with your dentures. 🙂