Dental Treatments for Gingival (Gum) Recession – Exposed Tooth Root!

Gingival recession, a tooth root surface exposure, is simply caused by collapsed gum tissues. Yes, true! It should immediately be treated not only for pain relief but also to preserve healthier tooth life. It causes many other oral disorders such as tooth decay/cavity, gingivitis, aching jaw, lighter-to-heavier tooth pain and other periodontal worsening; if the recession continues, the periodontal ligaments may get damaged; most probably resulting in a tooth loss.

Depending on the extent of recession, several periodontal techniques should be initialized – be they either a oral cleaning or any dental surgical treatments; in case of mild gum recession, a plaque/tartar control along with gingival massage may soothe the gum recession; often incorporating appropriate brushing techniques & desensitizing toothpaste, especially soft tooth brush would avoid excessive brushing pressures over the tooth root area.

If the gum recession is severe, gum grafting is another option to reinforce the residual tissues; covering the exposed tooth root. If the tooth decay caused due to gum recession is much, then a dental bone grafting is favourable. With tooth recession of more than 1.5mm in deepness, consult your periodontist; most likely a gingival flap surgery would be prescribed to address the gum recession with possibly a permanent healing. Have regular dental check-ups to avoid any further oral infection!