Dental Guide Part-2: A Permanent Solution to Missing OR Damaged Teeth

Gone are the days when one had to spend their rest of life with lost or damaged teeth. We can understand how harsh it would be for them. An ugly look and poor oral functions would have only been a nightmare. However, the science never stayed stagnant, it always kept innovating and as a result,

Today, we have had a fantastic dental solution with us – Dental Implants, a permanent treatment to one’s lost, injured or impaired teeth.

Let’s understand them in details:

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are like a life-long solution. They are mainly the restorative prosthesis made of titanium fixtures that are fixed over jawbone with crown, dental bridge or denture to go along. They are similar to natural teeth, durable in life and easy to maintain.

Knowing if or not you need them

Before, one approaches this surgery, it’s ever important that they decide their right candidacy. Both general and oral health are considered. To avail this procedure, one would require an adequate amount of jawbone to support the implants. Our dentist can help us in determining our case.

The treatment is a perfect option for people with single, several or all teeth lost/damaged. The process is fairly accurate and successful.


Dental implants have tremendous benefits. Primarily, one can have their missing teeth fully and permanently replaced. Teeth structure is improved with several oral functions. Restricted eating is enhanced with better chewing strength. One can speak well. An amazing oral appearance is an outlook that most of us will simply opt for.

Overall, they bring us the most beautiful smile improving our self confidence and oral features. Additionally, to our teeth and teeth bone, they are the good supporters.

Post-op recovery

Dental implants are successful. Due to their good osseointegration nature, recovery is fastest. Pain and discomfort is subsided in shorter time adding quick relief. Immediate functions are ensured with doctor’s advice.

Appropriate oral hygiene and dental care keep them clean and disease-free. Regular dentist’s followups would assures no damage occurring to them in future.


How carefully we preserve them is our sole responsibility too!