Dental Guide Part-1: To Your Attractive AND Healthy Teeth

When we ever see someone with the most vibrant and fresh smile, we would definitely wish if we could also have it. It’s not all impossible. One’s ever beautiful and healthy teeth are indeed the result of their great awareness and unfailing oral care.

Let’s see some of the commonest dental problems that we usually have along with their accurate treatments.

Sign 1: Ugly-Looking Teeth

These are our stained or discolored teeth. It mainly results from inappropriate teeth cleaning and dental care. What we eat and drink has major roles in defining it. Food that we consume may leave small particles stuck in our teeth. This may lead to bacterial attack on them causing dental plaque and therefore the tooth decays.

Teeth would look horrible and functionally weaken if not treated on time.

Treatments: Teeth Whitening / Dental Bonding / Dental Veneers

Teeth Bleaching: A cosmetic dental treatment that makes our discolored/stained teeth whiter and brighter. It is safe and effective. It is an option that would treat average teeth staining with good results, but if you are a case with severely stained/damaged teeth, below could be your next suitable options:

Dental Bonding: More durable than teeth whitening. Teeth are treated with composite resins made hardened with a special light. One can get nicely toned and shaped teeth matching their original teeth structure.

Dental Veneers: The most durable dental treatment. These are the materials applied on teeth in their size and shape. Referred to as tooth-shaped and colored shells. Just like one’s original tooth with greater strengths and flexibility. You get an improved smile which is very long-lasting.

Prevention: Oral Hygiene

Consistent teeth cleaning and dental care required. Teeth flossing is unavoidable too.

Sign 2: Uneven/Crowded/Crooked Teeth

Malocclusion, a common dental condition. The teeth may be poorly aligned or protruded. On closing the mouth, one may have difficulty in biting with upper and lower jaws improperly met.

This condition if remained untreated can lead to dental decays, gum disease or speaking or chewing difficulty.

Treatment: Dental Braces

A dental treatment to straighten out irregular jaws. This improves ones smile as well as oral health. The braces are available in many visible and invisible types including titanium, stainless steel alloys, bonded lingual, gold plated and clear braces.

Sign 3: Gummy Smile

The oversized gums that may look more in proportion with teeth, typically at the front side. A kind of genetic dental problem. Unfortunately, one gets an unattractive smile and reduced self-confidence.

Treatment: Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Often called the gum contouring, where excessive gum tissues are removed by laser therapy. A nice proportion of teeth and gums is expected. Overlooking gums are reshaped with the fast and pain-free cosmetic treatment. Teeth visibility is ensured with an ultimate smile.

Oral hygiene has no other option but to follow strictly. Regular dental follow-ups are advisable to check if we are doing well with our teeth or required any dental treatments if needed. The precautionary step ever to go ahead with!