Cosmetic Gum Surgery (Gum Contouring)

What is gummy smile?

“Gummy Smile” is an unappealing condition, where your teeth appear to be too short due to an oversized gum, especially at our front teeth. Generally, it is a genetic abnormality, may be with some etiologies like some health problems or negative effects of any medications. Such condition will certainly make one feel introvert due to unattractive smile and lower self-worth.

What is gum contouring?

Gum Contouring or Gum Reshaping is often the solution. To solve this, a dentist would use the most advanced laser treatment (over recent scalpel procedure) to remove excess tissues of your “gummy” smile, which then would expose more of your tooth with declined size of overlooking gums. This is usually a quick and painless cosmetic treatment. The blood vessels if any having been opened will also be closed during the procedure only, eliminating the risks of blood loss that was evident in the site of an incision earlier.

What are the benefits of gum contouring?

An improved aesthetic appearance is highly ensured. You will now love to pay a quick visit to society, even to people from whom you had always felt escaping rather. Unlike scalpel device, the laser therapy will bring the sharpest results with almost nil risks involved throughout shortening the gummy tissues. This is the dental treatment being typically performed under local anesthesia, leaving almost no pain during it. There is also not the case where one has to go under bone removal to increase teeth visibility. Usually, costs for gum contouring may also vary person to person, depending upon the volume of gums to be contoured and the treatment option being used, if laser or scalpel devices. Otherwise, cosmetic gum surgery is a less expensive treatment.

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