Commonly Spread Tooth Cavity in Children across USA

Tooth Decay is the most widely spread childhood oral disease in USA; expected to have affected almost 50% children of 5 to 9 years of age and further extended its adversity in around 80% children of 17 years of age group.

If gone untreated, this pediatric dental disease can very further deteriorate a dental health; causing many periodontal diseases such as root canal infection, exposed tooth, painful biting, distressed speaking and often tooth loss. Apart from child’s oral health, it also harms one’s confidence & well-being and can lead many serious physical conditions.

Consumption of very cold & hot beverages together with more acidic, sticky and sugary food items is one of the main causes of tooth caries. Educational & Dental Health Awareness Programs should be emphasized to better educate the children and teens with dental health promotion or prevention program in order to encourage them to adapt healthy food habits & protective oral attentions to elude any further oral deterioration!