Common issues with Dental Flossing

Flossing your teeth is an essential and everyday routine that is commonly neglected in India and other developing nations. My patients frequently come to me with lots of questions and concerns about flossing. Some complain of bleeding gums. Others are bothered stiff by dental floss that gets stuck between their teeth or in their cavities. Due to inordinate fears, they frequently shy away from flossing.

One such unwarranted fear is that gums may get cut while flossing and bleed as a result. Gums never get cut by flossing. Rather, if your gums bleed while flossing, it only goes to show that you may be suffering from inflammation of gums.

Similarly, dental floss stuck in the teeth indicates deeper problems such as cavities, tooth decay, plaque or tartar buildup. Tartar buildup is a serious problem that can result in bone decay and cause teeth to fall in extreme cases. It can’t be removed by regular brushing or flossing; it requires professional dental cleaning.

Some patients with chronic dental problems have complained that the floss gets shredded and fragments remain in the mouth after flossing. This may probably occur due to ill-fitting dental restorations, rough fillings and improperly laid crowns and veneers. I advise patients on how to clean such dental restorations and also recommend the type of dental floss that you could use in such cases.

If you are like most people and avoid flossing due to issues such as those described here, there is a probability that your oral health is being neglected, and you are at higher risk of tooth decay as well as gum disease. Visit Bhalla Dental Clinic or call me for a consultation on how to keep your whites shining and healthy.