How to choose a Dental Care Specialist

In the same way as there are different doctors such as physicians, pediatricians and neurosurgeons, there are different types of dentists. But generally, you don’t tend to bother about dentists until your teeth start bothering you. Tooth pain usually comes in flashes of pain that gradually increase in frequency and intensity until you can no longer bear it – and then make the dreaded phone call to your local dentist…That’s when you come to know that toothache, like headache, has myriad causes and treatments requiring different specialties. Now how do you make a decision on what kind of dentist to see when all you want is to stop the tooth from bothering you? Let me run you through the basic types of dental practitioners and what kind of treatment you can get from them:

General Dentist: A general dentist can clean your teeth and remove plaque or tartar. You can get your teeth whitened, wisdom tooth extracted, or have fillings inserted into cavities. Basic tooth and gum decay can be treated by your local dentist. He/she will also be able to take an X-ray of your mouth. Most general dentists tend to specialize in one or two other dental treatment such as dentures, root canal, crowns, porcelain/metal caps, bridges and braces.

Endodontist: An endodontist is an expert who can perform root canal treatment, which becomes necessary when tooth decay has reached the root of the tooth and passed on to the nerve. When an endodontist performs a root canal, she removes the infected pulp of decay from the centre of the tooth, replaces it with fillings and fits a cap on the tooth if necessary.

Prosthodontist: A prosthodontist is a specialist in dental implants, teeth restoration surgery, bridges, as well as placement of porcelain crowns and veneer.

Periodontist: A periodontist is skilled in identifying and treating gum diseases such as pyorrhea, decay and inflammation. She also performs scaling (deep cleaning of teeth and gums).

Orthodontist: An orthodontist is one who performs Cosmetic Dentistry, as it is called nowadays. Originally, orthodontists corrected gaps between teeth and treated crooked teeth by straightening them or applying braces. However, if you’re looking for the perfect smile or some dental jewelry, the orthodontist is your man.

It’s good to find out how long a dental practice has been in operation and who is the dentist who’s going to treat you before you go for oral treatment. Try to get reviews from a few patients about the dental care center you’re considering. At Bhalla Dental Clinic, we perform any and all of these dental surgeries at short notice.