A word about Chewing Gum

I know many youngsters, especially those who smoke, who frequently reach out for a chewing gum or “mouth fresheners” that they believe will get rid of odour or simply give them a juicy feeling in the mouth. More so owing to the slew of commercials advertising these mints and flavoured gums that supposedly make your […]

Denture Care

I’ve had some patients come in with broken or cracked dentures. A few others somehow managed to get theirs so stained they didn’t feel like putting them in their mouth. So let’s look at some ideas on how to care for dentures. Soak your dentures overnight. Dentures need to stay a little moist for them […]

Common issues with Dental Flossing

Flossing your teeth is an essential and everyday routine that is commonly neglected in India and other developing nations. My patients frequently come to me with lots of questions and concerns about flossing. Some complain of bleeding gums. Others are bothered stiff by dental floss that gets stuck between their teeth or in their cavities. […]

“My tooth still hurts!”

This post is for dentists, especially budding ones. Say you have just completed the final session of dental treatment on a patient with long-term discomfort. And just when you thought everything was hunky-dory, the patient tells you: “This tooth is hurting now. It wasn’t aching before we did this!” You feel your heart in your […]

When is it time for a dental implant?

When do you need a dental implant? When your dentist says so—I hope he/she’s a good one! 🙂 Due to the prohibitive costs of dental implants, patients are often mistrusting when their dentists advise them to undergo tooth replacement surgery. There are some cases when the dentists themselves are not fully confident whether to advise […]