7 Foods That Preserve and Improve Our Oral Health

Better oral hygiene with more appropriate teeth cleaning techniques ever reflects one’s health condition, always nicely maintained! Brushing at least twice a day or after every meal, use of soft-bristled and properly shaped and sized brushes, flossing and following regular dental checkups, more likely twice a year – would also be good signs of better oral health!

Yet, nourishing foods do also play a vital role for good dental health. All we need to know is what to eat. Let’s just see a list of healthy foods that can avail our teeth and gums of maximum benefits very along with a beautiful smile and oral appearance ever!

Cheese with its rich content of calcium and lower values of carbohydrates is always good for teeth health. It helps in maintaining pH levels; controlling acidic effects on teeth and thereby avoiding any damage occurred due to bacteria as they are more prone to harm teeth and gums with more acidity. Cheese reflects saliva production and preserves and reforms enamels; thus protecting teeth from decays and bacterial attacks. For children, it is the best calcium treatment with teeth strengthening nature. A cube of cheese is accepted a day.

Onions possess destructive nature against bacteria. They kill bacteria of different sorts. Instead of cooked onion, they are best when consumed fresh and raw. Have onions handy in your dish of salad and just enjoy benefits it gives with its antibacterial trait.

Again an antibacterial dental remedy! A substance known as catechins Green tea kills bacteria, which are the main cause of dental plaque, tooth decays and bad breath. Just have 2 to 3 green tea bags with boiling water and avail of great benefits provided within.

Usually fruits full with vitamin C. But kiwis are said to be more rich in vitamin C than any other fruits. Vitamin C insufficiency can lead to wears of collagen levels in gums, thereby causing the gums to be softer and more vulnerable to bacterial attack – producing gum disease. Often a time, added pieces of kiwis are a great gains.

Very helpful in eliminating dental plaque and keeping the teeth clean and bacteria-free. Sesame seeds also help in preserving and redeveloping teeth enamels. Sesame seeds are full in calcium and therefore possess bone strengthening and preserving nature around teeth and gum areas. We can add them in salads or even eat raw in routine.


Very interestingly helping us to control bad breath! Substances contained in it once consumed do travel to the lungs through bloodstreams, releasing their sweet smell and thus helping control bad breath. Raw mint leaves, with they being used in tea or other recipes, great use at all.

Sufficient amount of water just keeps the gums properly hydrated and thereby stimulating adequate amounts of saliva. Saliva protects teeth from bacterial invasion; making a solid shield against dental plaque and thereby removing risks of many dental problems like tooth decays, bad breath, gum diseases etc. Water rinses off all food particles stuck on and around teeth and gums too. At least 5 to 6 glasses of water a day is advised to consume to keep away such dental problems and many other physical issues!